On some level, floor coatings are similar to roof coatings, in that either substance creates a monolithic seal over the whole of a structural element. This, by and large, is where the similarities come to an end. Floor coatings, unlike roof coatings, are designed to be traffic-bearing: they can stand up to prolonged foot traffic over time, with some heavy-duty coatings being rated for vehicular traffic as well. Floor coatings are not optimized for protection against mild environmental factors over time; they're actually far more specialized.

Floor coatings protect the materials beneath them from blunt impacts and abrasive damage. They may even provide some resistance to cutting and piercing damage, and are also rated to resist a wide variety of corrosive chemical spills. The full array of floor coatings available on the market means that there is a particular option which is just right for virtually anybody's needs, whether the area at hand is a typical home garage or a home-based woodworking shop.