Pressure cleaning is a frequently overlooked service which can greatly improve a home's curb value. Even if a homeowner isn't selling, however, there are a variety of benefits to pressure cleaning one's home on a regular basis. Our professional team will clean mold, mildew and pollen from the nooks and crannies where it likes to collect, reducing the plight of allergy sufferers.

By removing accumulated mold spores, which exist throughout the environment, proper pressure cleaning serves to mitigate the possibility of a mold infestation becoming well-established. Many common molds are capable of spreading through a home via an exterior starting point, whereupon they disseminate spores through the ventilation system; pressure cleaning presents one of the most affordable ways to nip this possibility in the bud.

Improperly conducted pressure cleaning can result in unintended paint removal, screen damage, window damage, and even personal injury. Proper pressure-cleaning technique, as applied by a professional, provides optimal cleaning efficiency. This includes knowledge of what water pressures and which angles to use, based upon the composition of the material being cleaned.