Stucco is a plaster with a lime or cement base, and it can last for a century or longer when properly installed. This kind of endurance is not uncommon for many exterior building textures, which are meant to protect the structural elements they cover as much as they are to look tasteful and decorative. Over time, however, unpredictably severe weather events can have a lasting impression upon these otherwise enduring facades. Likewise, the effects of sub-par craftsmanship may not make themselves immediately known.

Often, the most severe effects of long-term water damage manifest themselves internally first, leaving the exterior of the texture looking perfectly fine. Our team will affect thorough repairs of any damaged stucco or other exterior textures on a client's property, using the right tools and materials to ensure that any damage is properly dealt with. If additional or replacement work is necessary, we can offer a range of options to the homeowner to ensure that their needs are adequately met.