Many people enjoy the varied appearance and artistic value of wall and ceiling textures. There are a number of textures available today, including popcorn ceiling: a stubbly, protruding texture that looks a little bit like partially-popped kernels of popcorn, hence the name. Knockdown is another popular finishing style for drywall surfaces, and is often found on either walls or ceilings: it is less pronounced than popcorn ceiling, featuring an attractive mottled appearance.

Depending upon the style used, and to a certain extent on the audience, the appearance of knockdown resembles a viscous fluid, the surface of a thick-skinned fruit, a sponge, or an open and mysterious landscape. The application of surface textures to painted surfaces is best accomplished by the experienced professional, someone with the training and tools needed to reliably produce the desired visual effect; repeated attempts to produce the exact effect desired can quickly become expensive.

We offer certified, highly trained professionals, with years of experience in applying each of today's popular surface textures. Where it is called for, our staff also offers the expertise needed to remove an existing texture without damaging the underlying surface; this frees the homeowner to have a flat coat of paint applied, or to request a different texture of their choosing.