Wallpaper hanging and removal are two tasks of which the average homeowner is usually more than capable. They are also tedious, time-consuming and messy. Wallpaper removal, in particular, is a substantial nuisance; after several frustrating hours spent in either pursuit, the average homeowner will usually settle for a result with which they aren't entirely happy. We are always the most critical of our own efforts, a mindset which results in undesired layering, obvious seams, and uneven texturing.

We offer professional-quality wallpaper hanging and wallpaper removal services, accommodating all of the latest in wallpaper styles and environmentally friendly materials. For an affordable rate, we provide a smooth and seamless appearance, with such specialties as textured wallpapers being well within our established purview. As with our interior painting services, all surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned in advance, and care will be taken to protect those elements of the surrounding environs which need to remain free of wallpaper glue.