Understanding the commercial business waterproofing process

Do you have a commercial property whose value you would like to upgrade? Then, you might want to get a waterproofing contractor to protect your structure against flooding and other water damage. Waterproof is essential in areas that are regularly damp or experience consistent rains.

For your Boca Raton waterproofing needs, we have the right expertise, innovative techniques, and state-of-the-art equipment. We can help you make the most of your investment, whether it has wood or concrete.

Benefits of Waterproofing
Are you looking to enhance the longevity of your construction project? Start by eliminating potential water damage and seepage using waterproof. So, why is this a significant construction measure?

Building safety
Since you have electrical wiring in your building, you must waterproof for safety. If the electricity mixes with water, a fire could erupt. The building occupants are also at the risk of electrocution.

Water damage could also lead to molding and mildew development. This fungal growth may cause allergic reactions that lead to respiratory issues like asthma.
With waterproof, the floor, roof, ceiling, and walls will not harbor microbial growth that could impact your health.

Energy efficiency
Water penetration in a building causes temperatures to reduce. The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system overworks to bring the temperatures back to normal. In turn, the system consumes high energy levels leading to rises in the utility bill.

The lifespan of your building materials will increase when you use waterproof. It protects the structure against water damage for optimal service life. The building will also be comfortable for occupants, and you’ll get your return on investment.

Maintain property value

Water damage to property is not only tasking but also costly to repair. Although early detection of water damage minimizes cost, it’s better to avoid it altogether. Waterproof reduces the risk of water seepage into your structure, hence, helps retain its value.
Not to mention, waterproof allows Boca Raton building owners to save on cost. It offers a permanent solution that reduces repair cases that could infringe on your earnings.

Types of Waterproof Solutions
Since you now understand why you should use waterproof on your structure, here are some of the solutions to consider:

Cement is a readily accessible masonry product that you can blend and apply easily. Cementitious waterproof is ideal for indoor use since it neither contracts nor expands due to extraneous factors. You can use it in toilets, bathrooms, showers, and other areas with plenty of moisture.

Although versatile and robust, you need a UV resistant safety coat on a cementitious waterproof for durability.

Liquid membrane
The liquid membrane waterproof requires three coating layers for adequate protection. Also, the membranes are flexible, hence, suitable for outdoor application. It enhances material longevity, so it guarantees property durability.

Liquid membrane waterproof is highly versatile as you can spray and roll it on a range of surfaces. You can, therefore, use this waterproof security layer for a variety of options.

Bituminous coating
Also known as asphalt coating, this coating works like a liquid membrane. However, for flexibility, it applies varying formulations for adhesiveness. Although popular in concrete applications, the bituminous coating also works on a variety of materials.

While beneficial, the bituminous coating tends to be fragile and less tenacious upon exposure to sunlight. So, use an improved version of this coating if applying to areas with direct sunlight. You can mix it with an acrylic acid-based or polyurethane polymer for pliancy. Such a formulation will enhance the coating’s adhesion for material longevity.

Bituminous membrane
If you have a low-sloped rooftop, you should use the bituminous membrane for self-adhesion. It features asphalt, polymers, and fillers that are glutinous. The bituminous membrane comprises a blend of oil and resins that boost material adhesion on the surface.
Since it’s not resistant to ultraviolet light, use a safety creed for additional protection. This treatment will prevent cracks that could be expensive to repair.

Polyurethane membrane
Polyurethane membrane varies from the bituminous membrane in the application. You use this coating on flat roofs due to its unmatched flexibility. Also, this membrane is ideal for a range of uses. However, you must be willing to dig deeper into your pockets for this superior quality waterproof.

Expertise is necessary when applying polyurethane membrane on concrete slabs due to its sensitivity to moisture. The wrong mix and application could cause the layer to peel off. It could de-bond with the surface after a short period of construction. Consider professional advice to determine the right materials that use with polyurethane membrane. The type of surfacing you have will also dictate the efficacy of this membrane.

Where to Use Waterproof
Although you may get an insurance policy to cover your commercial property, the insurer will omit water damage. So, this leaves you with the responsibility of preventing structural damage through innovative construction techniques.

Boca Raton commercial contractors use waterproof to strengthen structures for longevity. Your property will be dry, clean, and safe from water damage. Despite the type of waterproof solution you use, it will help your building property retain its original value. If the structure already has water damage signs, you can increase its value by repairing it with waterproof.

For efficient repair, identify the source of leakage and any ambient moisture. Then, locate the leak to resolve it with the right waterproof solution. Even if you apply waterproof without improving your building drainage, you’ll be doing zero work.

Our highly qualified contractors will assess your structural design to identify any penetrations, intersections, and areas of differential pressure. This process will eliminate installation errors that could cause construction failure. The last thing you want is a quality defect that could compromise your building quality.

Waterproofing will maintain the structural integrity of your building, therefore, protecting your investment. What’s more, it eliminates periodic maintenance that could be costly and time-consuming.

What are you waiting for now? Call us today to experience the endless benefits of waterproof on all your projects. Even if your area has a dry climate, it will not hurt to prevent future water damage due to flash floods or monsoons. Our customer support and contractor is available 24/7 for all your inquiries.