Why Commercial Roof Coating Contractor in Boca Raton is essential in 2022

The roof is an essential part of any professional business, and a roof coating can transform your roof into one that lasts, saves you money on energy costs, and protects your property from the harsh environment. It sounds as though it should be simple, but selecting the right roof coating contractor is essential to ensure your roof lasts and protects your investment. The best contractors can offer expert advice and the highest quality of workmanship, and it’s crucial to find one that stays true to their promise of excellence.

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Types of roof coatings

There are various types of roof coatings available on the market. Choosing the right one for your needs and budget is critical, as each offers different benefits and unique properties. Here are some common types of roof coatings for businesses.

1. Acrylic Roof Coating
This type of asphalt roof coating is temporary and can be used on flat and pitched roofs. It has properties similar to acrylic paint but has lower adhesion than acrylic paint. It provides an inexpensive option but requires more frequent maintenance than more durable metal finishes such as metalized paints.

2. Polyurethane Coatings
This is the top dog in terms of durability, as it can last over 20 years. However, it’s one of the most expensive and requires professional installation. For this reason, it’s typically used in applications with high foot traffic or difficult access. Also, it’s important to note that some companies provide a limited lifetime warranty, while others offer a 10 to 20-year warranty.

3. Metalized Paints
This coating comes in shades ranging from gray to very light silver and is typically used as a more permanent choice. It provides long-term corrosion protection, eliminates algae growth when combined with an ultraviolet filter, and is designed for both roofs that are flat or pitched.

4. Epoxy Coatings
This coating is durable and rugged against chemical contaminants from rain, making it ideal for high-traffic areas. It also has a solid finish and is resistant to blisters. However, it can discolor over time and is difficult to repair.

5. Acrylic Modified Bitumen
As the name suggests, this type of coating is made from a combination of bitumen and acrylic resin. While it doesn’t require much maintenance, the downside is that it can be costly, especially when compared to other types of coatings.

6. Silicone Coatings
Silicone Coatings are ideal for flat roofs and protect everything from heat to UV light. It’s also quite durable and can last upwards of 15 years. Nevertheless, it’s a more expensive option, and the finish tends to discolor over time. By contrast, the paint can be easily repaired.

Common Questions About Roof Coatings For Businesses

1. What’s the Difference Between Commercial-Roof Coatings and Residential Roof Coatings?
Commercial-roof coatings are typically designed for industrial and business environments. They’re up to three times as thick as residential products and sometimes need a professional installation team. However, they are more resistant to heat, sunlight, wear, chemicals, and other environmental factors that can damage a residential coating.

2. Are Commercial-Roof Coatings More Expensive?
Generally speaking, these roof coatings are more expensive than residential roof coatings. That’s because they are typically applied in a two-coat process and require specialized application techniques that typically require trained personnel.

3. How Do I Know If I Need Commercial-Roof Coating?
This depends entirely on your property. These roof coatings might be better if you have a warehouse, restaurant, mall, or other building used for businesses. It also depends on the kind of roof you have and what environment your building is located in. For example, if there’s a lot of foot traffic or high winds in your area, roof coatings for businesses will provide extra protection for your roofing system.

4. How Are Commercial-Roof Coatings Applied?
Like residential coatings, this roof coating is applied by trained professionals in a multi-step process. However, commercial coatings are applied to a thicker material to hold up against the elements over time. The application process can be very time-consuming, so make sure to find a company that offers a quick turnaround on their work. You also want to find an expert who takes pride in their craft and will take the time to ensure that the entire roof is covered correctly.

5. What Kind of Warranty Do Commercial-Roof Coatings Come With?
Commercial-roof coatings generally come with ten-year warranties, although some companies provide a limited lifetime warranty. Typically, a warranty will cover damage from windstorms and other natural disasters. It will also cover damage from premature wear and abrasion caused by UV light, chemical exposure, and other environmental factors. However, it won’t cover anything caused by improper installation or damage sustained during construction.

Commercial-roof coatings help protect your building from the elements and ensure that it will continue to look great for years to come. If you’re interested in commercial-roof coatings in Boca Raton, contact us today. We can provide recommendations based on your needs and budget and offer a wide variety of installation options to fit every need. We strive to go above and beyond customer service expectations, so don’t hesitate to call our team today.